I believe in the strength of treating both mind . . . and body.

I am thoroughly convinced, following years of experience, that dealing with psychological concerns is not just a “mind thing.”

After all, we carry our minds around in our bodies, and those bodies deserve equal attention.  Feeling anxious, being angry, shutting down — all these involve the mind and the body.

In a nutshell, our bodies hold many of the memories of our toughest experiences in our “emotional brains.” In our work together, you will become aware of sensations associated with those memories and also feelings of calmness. You can then use your “smart thinking brain” to lessen the emotional charge of those memories. That helps you feel more relaxed during those prickly moments with loved ones. And then you’re more likely to think clearly and respond more rationally.

My office is stocked with furniture (naturally), computer equipment (of course), — and then there is more: a few scarves, some props, and even some “tools” that keep clients comfortable. These items often become important in helping a person move toward a breakthrough. You know that feeling that comes from your best times — whether it’s been after a pleasant walk, “getting down” on the dance floor or a satisfying workout. Everyone feels the release that comes from getting up and moving, in one way or another. And now it will be coupled with deep emotional healing . . . and feelings of calmness and integration.

Everything I do reflects the core values of my practice:

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Appreciation of people’s strengths
  • Respect for people’s ethnic and cultural differences

I am mindful of each person’s pace of recovery.  This is one way that I add “gentle” to “growth.”

Over the span of my practice, I have met and worked with many courageous clients who are eager to change previous and longstanding parts of themselves that they realize are not serving them well.

I rejoice when my clients become my role models.

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My office is stocked with furniture, computer equipment, and more — a few scarves, some props, and even some ‘tools’ that keep clients comfortable.”