Choosing a resource for professional assistance can be daunting . . . let me help.

How do I know when to seek a therapist?

Trust your instincts. When you can’t find answers by yourself — even answers that seem like “maybe” answers — it is likely time to bring someone else’s professional perspective into your life. Another indicator is when you realize that your thoughts, feelings or actions — coming from your anxieties, stresses, fears or depression — begin to have negative effects not just on you but also on the others in your life.

What is therapy like?

Your sessions with me will include questions about what troubles you, your previous efforts to help the situation, and your internal capabilities that can assist you in your needed changes. At the same time, our time together will differ from the experiences of many clients in therapy. I treat everyone as a total individual. I have no outline, no “master script,” no pre-plan.

I encourage everyone to invest yourself in what we will do and to participate actively. This is not about me, it is about you. When our session ends, your learning continues at home, and I promise that I will not go with you. I may ask you to read a book that may be helpful. The important point: Therapy does not go on “hold” when our sessions conclude.

What might therapy be able to do for me?

I provide counseling that helps people to make sense of their behaviors, to develop self-awareness, and to utilize tools to cope in challenging moments.

I do this while I steadfastly share warmth, compassion and deep respect for every person I meet. I see every client first as a collection of strengths, and then as someone burdened by some of life’s “speed bumps.” Be assured that the strengths come first.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is a bedrock for building a trusting working connection.

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I treat everyone as a total individual. I have no outline, no ‘master script,’ no pre-plan.”